Purple sky of the twilight, with orange clouds adding to the hue,

Whispered to me through the winds a secret,

That my heart knew was true.


“We know what is amiss, we know what is desired;

It’s nothing but one Truth,

That the Universe has conspired.”


“The Truth that flows…

From the soul of the stars,

To the core of the heart.

From the depth of the being,

To the tip of the wing.

From the depth of the throat;

To the cut of the nib.

From the math of the brain,

To the light of the eyes.”


“The Truth to move mountains,

Enrich souls,

Melt eyes,

Please lips,

And tickle thighs.”


“A Truth to lead, A Truth to follow,

A Truth that travels from century to century,

To render all the lies hollow.”


The strings of my heart shivered as I listened,

I knew what they wanted to say:

My Truth was what I was born for,

That was why I breathed day after day.


I looked for my Truth in the Ocean,

 I looked for my Truth on the land;

I looked for it amongst the orange clouds,

I looked for it in the sand.


A Truth that justifies my living,

A Truth that allows my death.

A Truth that makes a difference,

That doesn’t die with my breath.

The winds whispered another secret

As the Purple sky turned to blue,

“The Truth that You are seeking outside…

…is living inside You.”