There are certain topics in science which represent a beautiful analogy with human behaviour or machines.I would like to share one such topic with OS.ME .i.e MAGNETISM.

Before starting I would like to tell you that I am going to compare our BELOVED SAINTS to MAGNET and their AURA to MAGNETIC FIELD.

Now let’s start our topic 

Magnetic properties of solids in chemistry are known as MAGNETISM arises from magnetic movements of electrons in solids. This magnetic movement arises due to spinning of electrons on its axis and orbital motion around the nucleus of the atom.

Similarly the AURA of beautiful souls, our dear saints can be felt just like a magnet and their love, devotion and compassion can be experienced as if these virtues are spinning like the electrons around their divine embodiment. 

Once I heard in spiritual discourse that a True saint’s AURA can be felt upto 50 km.


Different solids can be classified basically into 3 categories depending upon their response in the presence of magnetic field. In my opinion there are 3 types of human  behaviour depending upon their inner tendencies when they are present in a”SAINT’S MAGNETIC FIELD.”


This category of solid substances are repelled by magnets.Reason they have all paired electrons.Hence dipole movement  ( movement produced by a magnetic field ) is cancelled.

Now let’s compare it with human behaviour there are persons who are so materialistic that they don’t even ready to listen what the saints are saying..   ready to criticize Saints reason (paired electrons) I think you might have guessed yes ! Exactly worldly attachments.

NOTE : Now I am going to describe remaining two but I will not do comparison .. it’s your test …of I.Q (joking)…

Please revert back if you know the answer.

(It’s teacher’s favourite hobby to take test or give homework).


These are solid substances which are weakly attracted by the MAGNETIC FIELD.They are temporary magnets.They behave like magnets only in the presence of MAGNET.Reason they have one or more unpaired electrons….

Comparison it yourself.


These are substances which are strongly attracted by MAGNETIC FIELD.They can be permanently magnetised.Reason the ions of such substances group together in small region and act like tiny magnet which are called domain.Upon application of magnetic field these domains are same direction of magnet .So even after removal of MAGNET they don’t lose their MAGNETISM…….….

It’s now your turn to categorise human behaviour.

Do revert back if you know the answer.

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