My Dear Readers, wishing you all a very Happy Day/Night, depending on where you are in the world. In this post I would love to share with you an  incident from my life that totally and completely changed my personality once and for all for the better. Any and all good karma that accrues to me for sharing this post, I request Devi to offer it to my dear friend who is the real hero of this post. I owe my current outlook on life to him. 

Have you ever wanted to know a way to boost your sense of personal magnetism? When I talk of personal magnetism I am not referring to charisma like those exuded by celebrities or sociopaths. I am talking about the kind of magnetism that when someone walks into a room, people automatically experience an openness within themselves and an exchange of love and joy naturally happens with that person. I would like to share an episode from my life that gave me an eye-opening insight into how we can build our sense of personal magnetism.

Sitting here in Dec of 2021, I can say that I am joyful, content with life and have a greater degree of self love than I have ever had before. However, life was not always like this for me.  looking back at the years that have gone by my perception is that life communicates to each of us through what ever channel is  most suitable to penetrate through our personal ego-generated walls of resistance and reach into our core, which is the place from where all enduring transformations can happen. Although, my journey in life had always been punctuated with many different spiritual experiences and acts of divine grace, my mind was never at ease. My mind had a strong inclination to move towards a perennial state of lack, as if something or another was always missing.  I was able to superficially acknowledge all the gifts and breaks in life I had received, but I was still not content within.  

The year is now 2008 and one of my close friends at the time was Bert.  He was a guy unlike any one else I had known upto that point in my life.  Where ever  he went, people adored him and loved to be around him and he was one of those people that when Facebook first opened up to the global public, Bert had 1000 friends within the first two weeks, while I had just a handful that I could count on one hand. What was incredible is that he knew almost all of those people personally…they were not just random people he added.

Bert exuded this aura and personal magnetism that I had never before seen in action especially in close quarters.  What made him particularly perplexing and a total enigma to me was a certain peculiar trait about him.  Bert was carefree to the point where personal hygiene and cleanliness was not a priority for him.  He even relished sometimes in looking like a tribesman, with a shaggy matted unkempt hair and would show up to official parties and functions dressed in torn clothes that had food stains on it,  wearing a pair of worn out muddy slippers (not because he didn’t have the money or the means…it simply was because he just didn’t care..).  I on the other hand would spend hours and hours picking the right clothes, shoes, hair products, etc and show up to events like how most people in our modern society show up to events. The thing that always blew me away was that, somehow no one seemed to care one bit about how Bert looked or how he showed up. People always seemed to turn a blind eye where Bert was concerned. 

That was my first eye opening insight #1 into magnetism. When building personal magnetism, your external appearance does not matter, not one bit. Personal magnetism is all about how you look and more importantly feel on the inside. I was proper and well-put together on the outside, but internally I was a mess, while it was the reverse with Bert. One day, I decided to confront Bert about this directly and see if I can get a straight answer straight from the horses mouth, so to speak. I sat down with my friend and said to him:

Bert, listen you know well that I have great respect for you and you are one of my closest friends, so I feel like I can take the liberty of asking you a very personal question.

Bert: sure, what’s up?

Me: Thing is, how is it that you always attract people wherever you go, like people throng to be around you and they are so taken by you, even if you show up constantly looking like a disheveled homeless person! How do you do that? Rather do you even do something to attract people or have you always just had a fan following for whatever reason? I just don’t see how or why you have this effect on people while I seem to repel people away from me!

The answer I got is almost a sutra for me. That reply to this day serves as kind of a polestar for me. When ever I am lost or frustrated, I always inevitably remember this conversation and invariably it always works to help me regain my balance and inner joy. 

Bert: Finally you’ve asked me a question that is worth answering. I can tell you for a fact that what you see and sense around me ..the kind of effect I have on people, this is something I have consciously cultivated in me. You see A, you have all things needed to experience the same feeling around you, the only difference between us lies in how you and I look at our lives from within. Let me tell you this….there is so much shit in my life A, you just don’t know about it. There is so much shit in my life but I make the effort every day to look for the beauty in it, while you have been blessed with so much beauty in your life and you make the effort everyday to look for the shit in it.

Like I said, life communicates to each of us through what ever channel is  most suitable to penetrate through our ego-generated walls. That statement from my friend shattered my walls then and there. I was able to see what I was doing to my own self on the inside. Developing a conscious attitude of gratitude is absolutely key for developing you sense of magnetism and for rising up to our full potentials. Whatever life has given us, however little it may be, if we are grateful for having that, we become internally aligned with the flow of life. When we show life that we are grateful, then life opens the flood gates of joy and all the opportunities we can ever dream of. I hope each of you are able to reflect on this and reach further towards experiencing your potential to the fullest.

Have a lovely day ahead! 

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