My liberation is in my hands indeed. Nothing is holding onto me; I’m not bound; I myself holding the rope on this side and trying to reach to the other side, how can that happen? I can stretch the rope a bit and experience a sense of progress going toward the other side, but as long as I’m holding onto the rope, I’ll be pulled back or get tired. The rope is in my hand, it can’t go with me on the other side as it has no reach till there; it belongs to this side only.

My holding on this rope has become so subconscious that I most of the time catch hold of it and I don’t realize it. So, the only thing I need is very sharp mindfulness of not one moment or an hour, but throughout the waking state at least, to let go the rope and ensure that I don’t catch it again unconsciously. Because, that’s what I’ve been doing since life times – remember?

The rope has been a wonderful companion; I’ve experienced various beautiful moments with it. I’ve jumped, danced and even experienced flying with the rope. But, how much can you play; how long can you be outside your home. After a while, it becomes tiring and frustrating. One then feels to go back at home, recline in one soft bed and take some respite.

Sriman Narayan