Rudraksha, is a scared gem which has all the imaginable and unimaginable properties to heal us physical, mentally and spiritually. It is said that it was formed from the tear of Lord Shiva. (This has its own belief why shiva cried. Some say’s it was out of Ecstasy, compassion, grief or destruction for liberation, whatever be the cause of those tears, the rudraksha is considered to be imbued with energies that are physically curative and spiritually uplifting.)

Every bead is different from each other. Making it very much possible for every human being to own one which suit’s us best. (Probably, SHIVA was very aware of all of us, being different form each other; I guess..)

Rudraksha is worn for strength, achieve power, and to lead a healthy life. Rudraksha is associated with Lord Shiva. He is the source from where it gets the power.

But to wear a rudraksha there are particularly rituals and practice. Which should be properly followed. Also, the maintenance of the rudraksha is important because it can shrink or even crack if not handle properly.