It’s the saintly way
to prepare
to find each day
a little more concentration
than yesterday

All our lives
we toil to live
and yet
the preparation
is for that one moment
when there’s breath no more

It’s the saintly way
to know that life is
but a preparation
for death
in living is learning
this secret lesson

All joys
will one day merge
all sorrows will have submerged
And life will go on
just not for you

It’s the saintly way to
know peace
to find it deep in your heart…
And so it’s the saintly way
to move boxes
and boxes of trivialities
to face the eternal spark

As life ebbs
from the bones
through the brows
a whole life’s preparation
is at stake
to find Him in that moment
is the final test

The saintly way is to find
each day a little more love
in the heart
than yesterday

Saintliness is then perhaps
a matter of preparation
a deep
heartening concentration
and no more…

💕 Each day is but a preparation to know the Lord Supreme a lot more than we did yesterday…it’s a saint’s way.