Life is a great school in which we all are students studying in different classes, out of us all those who are Dedicated, Disciplined and Laborious yet happy and satisfied within (Devotion or Bhakti Yog/ Karm Yog / Gyan Yog) can enjoy in this school and will be promoted to next level i.e. to Higher realms/ people with higher consciousness. On the other hand those who are not that much hard working will remain in the same class but in some other section (.i.e new life with different set of people but with same old course). now the last set of people who are not at all even working.. will be demoted in lower class (i.e. in lower consciousness.. may be in incarnations of animals or any yoni other then human being). no the unique thing is that each and every student have different set of QUESTIONS in their paper… that’s why we can take guidance from whom we get inspired but no one can copy other’s answer.

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