It’s difficult to know!
O, keeper of the deepest secrets!
O, the secret custodian of the Fairest Lotus!
O You, the all-knowing,
yet the all-hiding!
The all-pervading Sun,
yet the all-encompassing!
Why you do what you do.

It’s difficult to fathom
what motivates you,
to be here for us,
with all of us, all day.
It’s difficult to fathom
your depths and your far-reaches,
about who you truly are
and where all you are present, right now,
in this very single moment,
and Why?

It’s difficult to know why.
Is it due to your own inner fire,
to satiate our insatiable longing for you, O benevolent Hari?
Or is it due to a calling from above,
from Her Grace, the Highest Matriarch?

Or is it for Her? the other Her,
Your Moon, your inspiration,
Your silken tether, and ours too,
The Golden One, who brings us to you
for our salvation, for She is generous,
fair and free like the Giri Ganga,
disarming like the enchanting fragrance
wafting away from the floral garlands
hung around your neck
for She is Sri herself,
The Red One in You,
wherever you go, wherever you be,
She accompanies you.

She is with You, always
hiding in plain sight,
either out of Her own will
or due to your own protective instinct
to shield Her, pure and unblemished,
lest the lesser eyes fall on Her
devoid of emotions
and deprive Her from the
faithful devotional glance, a submissive one
from Her sincere devotees
that She is worthy of receiving
on Her Lotus feet!

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