I wear my shiny mirror

like a polished neutral mask.

Adorned to reflect the truth.

This is not my only task.

I try hard to deflect all, 

Each projected emotion.

I hold whatever I can

To help keep them in motion. 

They look into the mirror,

My mask now for them to use, 

They see their truth within it,

And heal as much as they choose.

I’m not the one healing them.

I’m just giving out some clues

On how to find the answers

Within their perspective views.

I absorb the projections.

Then I painfully digest

All that the exhausted soul

Is now trying to express. 

Then I carefully observe

With my radiating light.

Empathy and compassion.

These fuel my careful insight. 

When I find secret answers

In them hidden deep within,

I wear it outward just like

A bright chameleon skin. 

Now in the peripherals,

Hopefully they get to see.

The inner subconscious is

Who needs to understand me.

I may whisper a key word,

Quite plainly in their ear,

To cultivate their wisdom

And encourage them to steer

I hope they follow the light.

I hope they wake up and know.

Hopefully, they take the lead

And discover how to grow.

My silent mirror reflects,

Bending my warm glowing light.

Within the spectrum I hide

So carefully in plain sight.

It penetrates the core deep,

And always right through me too, 

Illuminating, revealing,

What is intimately true.

Often I dim my aura, 

So this way no one can see, 

Discretely I do because, 

Really it’s not about me.

Shielding the protected thoughts,

And concealed with privacy, 

Controlling my projection,

Constant and consciously. 

I hold the costly weight of,

Private forbidden knowledge, 

Yet I chose to play a role,

To never to be acknowledged. 

It drains most my energy, 

Mental and spiritual being, 

But it all is compensated,

All for my gift of seeing.

I can even heal myself,

Keeping my channels open,

Then listening in to what,

The universe has spoken. 

What priorly absorbed, 

in the current I let go,

And like a stream of water, 

The nature of how it flows. 

So I walk upon the edge,

Of the world wearing a mask,

I look into the mirror,

Clearly at myself at last.

Truthfully I too shall see,

My denial to this gift,

A messenger of healing, 

Is all I can really wish.