Dear OS Community, while I am still on my Sadhana-hiatus, I was seized by a sudden inspiration today to share with you all one final post to mark the end of this year and to add a little inspiration for the new year ahead. Again, I thank you all for your kindness and love and I wish each and everyone of you a brilliant and beautiful new year ahead.

Here is a short story that I remember getting in an email fwd, almost 20 years ago. I remember feeling really inspired by its crisp message and I hope It will brighten up you day as well.

The Seminar

Many years ago, a then well-known motivational speaker started off his seminar to packed audience in a large seminar hall. He started by holding up a $100 bill in his hand.  In the room of about 500 people he asked the audience: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to ask you all a very simple question. Who amongst you would like this $100 bill? Because, at the end of this talk, I will be giving it to one of you. 

Immediately, he started to observe several hands going up in the air. With a smile on his face the speaker then continued: Clearly I can see that you are interested, but  before I hand one of you this $100 bill,  let me do this..

The speaker then proceeded to crumple up the $100 bill in his hands. He then turned to the crowd and asked them: Who among you wants this crumpled up $100 bill?

Every hand still went up.

Alright then, what if I do this then? Asked the speaker and he then proceeded drop the crumpled $100 bill on the floor and the man kicked it around a few times and then proceeded to stamp it hard with his shoes several times. He then held up the rather crumpled mess of a $100 bill which was now covered in dirt from his shoes and once again asked the audience if they were still interested in walking away with that $100 bill.

Again, all hands went up in the air.

Finally the speaker held the crumpled, battered and filthy $100 bill near his face and he proceeded to spit on it. One final time he asked the audience: Do you guys still want this $100 bill ??

Still, the hands went up in the air!

The speaker then looked at the audience and spoke : My friends,  you have all learned a very valuable lesson here. You can see that no matter what I did to the money I held in my hand, you still wanted the $100 bill, because it did not decrease in value. It was still worth $100.  Just so, many many times in all of our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, kicked around, stepped upon and sometimes even spat on due to decisions we make and the circumstances
that come our way. As a result, we feel many times as though we are totally worthless.

Just like my demonstration using the $100 bill , I would like to remind you all that no matter what has happened or what will happen in your lives, you will never lose your value. You are special and don’t ever forget it.  Never let the disappointments of your yesterday overshadow your dreams of tomorrow or ruin your present moment.

Remember just one thing in life:  VALUE HAS A VALUE ONLY IF ITS VALUE IS VALUED BY YOU

Have a wonderful New Year Ahead!