Note: Last days I posted few poems which much of you highly appreciated. This is the first one I wrote but never published (I thought you’ll laugh reading it!), I didn’t have any plans writing it. I was sitting ideal, and got an impulse to scribble something. Maybe it won’t make much sense, since I didn’t write it for any.


The Simple Poetry

Poems never made sense to me

Neither I, do much cared about it.


For although, here I am sitting

For no reason to write.


The beautiful experience of life,

Is when the pure river gushes,

Constantly inside one’s head,

Like rain dripping on rose bud.


The rain move on, when the

Bud gains the desire to flower and

To make every of its petals

Experience the beauty of

The flowing pearls.


When the experience is projected

On the screen of mind,

It’s gone dead and past.


Don’t bother controlling the mind

Or to clear it,

Because it is not,

And to see, without it,

Is reaching home.


Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels




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