It had been a tiring day. Yet another one of the many her life had turned into.

This morning she woke up from her bed confused. Was she supposed to be at the doctor’s today or was the appointment tomorrow? A whole piece of the conversation with her gynecologist came back to her. She needed to attend to the pain she had been feeling, her doctor had said in a tone that had made the bile rise to her mouth. “But Mumma I am hungry” came the loud shout from the corner of the room. Serena felt a slight tug at her nightgown. “What can I make for her? Maybe a toast or a bowl of cereal. However, her favorite chocolate cereals were over. She must remember to get them when she goes to the doctor. Which doctor was it when was it? But you have zero choices dear daughter – for toast it is.

I never liked you and I always will remember the time you were rough with me Dear doctor. I was taken back to the time I had gone to the clinic. That was seriously funny, the way I stumbled into the wrong clinic next to hers. Beautiful pain I had thought- this confusion of which building it was. The confusion of panic and then the realization of winning and getting through it. The smile that comes when one comes to grips with that tiny part of your brain which makes you look like you never went to school!

The alarm goes off. She remembers the show starts soon.

She was excited to wear the new red silk dress that she had carefully chosen. The only choice she had was to make sure that she quickly got through the day so that she kept her date with “Mamma Mia” the musical. Life with its humdrum moments could startle with its beauty and unexpectedness. Her heart skipped a beat.

For now, she was alive.