‘ The Speaking Tree’ a small newsletter of ‘The Times if India’. Where it narrates tales of our vedic culture. It’s like those small-small joyful moment of the day. And, glad to see something like this to bind the society as a whole together. It beholds morals that we often tend to pass by in our busy lives. 

For today, it was about the ‘Samudra Manthan’. And, the Lila of Vishnu. How he took the form of Mohini, a beautiful woman, and enticed the Asuras into giving her the kalash to distribute the elixir among them. 

Also, how he took the Kurma Avatar(tortoise form) and provided the base for the Mandrachal parvat, in the process of churning. Where vasuki(the serpent) being the rope held by the devta and Asuras. 

The whole idea of Samudra Manthan (the churning of the milky ocean.) Came into play, when Indra lost his power due to the curse by Durvasa Rishi. His kingdom was captured by Asuas king, Bali. 

He approaches Vishnu for help. On Vishnu’s advice, the devas agreed to churn the ocean with the help of Asuras. To draw out the elixir of immortality. As, collectively we can achieve significant goals. 

Garud(The Eagle) who was with asuras, snatched and flew away. However, after Vishnu attain the elixir. The asuras never got to see any of it. 

The take away from this story is a rich teamwork provides rewards for everyone. And the ego of power and wealth can be the main reason for one’s downfall. 

Also, you might have seen people wearing a tortoise ring or placing a statue at their home. And, when asked for the reason they say ‘it is for the goodness.’

It has many things attached to it. When the Divine manifested The Kurma Avatar, he is showing us the way to detach ourself from wordly attractions, so that we can go within to connect within the divine in us. 

Amrit, symbolises the self- realisation achieved after one gives up false pride. For the body and the mind should be in sound state to attain self- realisation. 

Just like the tortoise withdraws it’s limbs into the shell. We should be awarded how to make the best as an individual and when in a team. 

This can only happen with we churning our own ocean’s of joy and sorrows.