The simple and easy “stairs” to tread on the spiritual path as told by Guru Nanak and elucidated by Bhai Vir Singh ji is not known to the world so far.The world at large is still ignorant of the true practice.

The Lord is inside our body i.e.the soul and the “stairs” are also inside i.e.”remembrance of Lord in the mind”.

Guru Nanak has given us the awareness of the endeavour that is required.

The endeavour is” Recitation of the Lord’s Name with Love and singing his praise”.

The temples,Gurudwaras and churches are packed with people but true endeavour is missing.

Guru Nanak said: Recitation of the Lord’s Name takes us towards the direction of the Lord.

The name that we recite is of our Beloved.By recitation the Lord remains in our heart.To remember the Lord in our heart we do recitation.

Recitation and remembrance is our love for the Lord.This love is the way to reach the Lord.

Guru ji said: Love begets love.If we love the Lord, the Lord will bestow his love on us.It is the love from both sides that is the meeting ground.

Everybody has the experience of loving one’s mother, one’s wife and one’s children.Eveybody knows what is love.

Not only knows but has the experience of love.This love has to be extended towards the Lord.

Once Mardana asked Guru Nanak: why can’t we see the Lord with these eyes?

Then Guru said: We can’t see the Lord with these eyes.We can only feel His presence but not with this mind.By recitation of the Lord’s Name with Love (As Swamiji says Quality matters) another mind develops i.e the SUBLIME MIND .That mind can feel the presence of the Lord inside the body and outside in nature.

It’s a sensation in the form of waves.

Guru Nanak said: Two things are important.

One is love of Name.

Second is the wish to meet the Lord.

In remembrance we will reach an end of the visible world .From there ,the Lord will pull us towards himself.

Lord reveals himself in his Name.when we remember him and recite his name by tongue with love ,the Name washes the dirt of mind.The Name also makes the veil of ego thin.Then a wavy sensation emerges in the mind.This is a sensation of the presence of the Lord. This is seeing him.

With recitation of Name ,an elevation comes to the mind.This is a feeling of the sixth sense.

This elevation is not pride …it’s also called immersion in the love of the Lord.

Guru Nanak said: Initially ,the recitation of Name is repetition only.

For remembering the Lord,we have to take a clue from the children who study.How many times does the child have to repeat each word?

Then ,only it gets into the sub- concious mind and remains in the memory.

Similarly the recitation of Lord’s Name with Love gets into the sub- concious mind.

Guru Nanak said: Attention is the essence in this world.

Wherever you give attention,the work is done.Where attention is gone, that work doesn’t get through.The ploughman give attention to plough and ox.Then,he ploughs. The students give attention to their education .Then ,they get educated.

But our attention doesn’t transcend the seen world.

We have to recite the Lord’s name with Love,so that the attention goes towards him.

The Guru said:

The handsome Lord is “one”

His place is one.

His door is one.

The way to reach him is one.

The requirement is one

I.e. one’s attention combined with endeavour.

The effect of this Recitation, deviation to look outwardly stops….now these eyes see the inner beauty and doesn’t let you know about time and place where you are sitting.

Dear readers: This is the real happiness.You can get it in this life and live with it in this world.

This will go with you in the next world too.

So let’s start with at least five minutes a day.

Guru Nanak has given the awareness of the “STAIRS”.


       YOUR HANDS……