Last month, I fell sick. Like really sick. I don’t know what happened, but I had the most splitting headaches ever, which kept increasing in intensity. My appetite vanished overnight. I forced myself to have homemade soup. I was dehydrated beyond my wildest nightmares. My throat was parched, both sides of my neck threatening to cave in from stiffness. Some wild fevers. I seriously thought I was a goner. I thought I had contracted COVID. And considering my questionable immune system, I thought I was done this time.

Few months back..

I have been following Om Swami Ji on YouTube since the beginning of this year. The first video was amazing, I felt myself drawn to the speaker. He was extremely composed, no fidgeting around, polished accent with the appropriate tone, neither high nor low pitched, and far from being monotonous. The Swami had a welcoming face and a penetrating gaze. I felt the Orator seeing through me. I didn’t feel comfortable, but this was just a video. The thought of “how amazing would it be to learn from this person” was constantly going on in my mind. I never ever watched a video or even a movie mindfully. I watched while doing something or scrolling the web. That particular video had my complete attention. 

Over the coming days, I watched short videos of Om Swami Ji everyday. I treated each video as a class. I don’t know why I did that, but I was eager to learn from this Swami. We all recognize when someone knows his stuff. I always doubted the other spiritual leaders that I happened to see on YouTube and floating on my social media. To be courteous, their mannerisms or their ‘teachings’ went above my head. This Om Swami Ji however, who is He? And how come I never heard about Him. A quick search on Facebook and Instagram, ‘Om Swami Mauritius’ yielded nothing. Was this the end for me? Not a single person to guide me?

🥺Hari Om🥺

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