An original story by me😇. 

Scene 1

(The doctor arrives at Keonnie’s house. Keonnie’s mother goes to receive the doctor). 

Mother: Doctor, thank God, you got here real quick.

Doctor: Madam, I did it as quickly as possible. I hear that our little lady is sick?

Mother: Yes! Keonnie’s forehead is hot to the touch. She is coughing incessantly like a donkey ! She scares me with that nasty cough. 

Doctor: Poor thing! She must have caught an infection, maybe the flu?

Mother: Oh my God! My husband and I will fall sick as well. She never listens to me. She does whatever she likes and very recently, she was dancing in the rain. When she walked back into the house all soaked, with her hair disheveled as I never saw before, I failed to recognize her at first glance. She appeared more of a mad girl who had escaped from the mental asylum than my daughter.

Doctor: Come on Madam, Keonnie is a lovely young lady. (Keonnie coughs in the background). Let’s not waste time, the little one needs urgent medical attention. 

(Mother accompanies the doctor into the room of Keonnie)

Keonnie: (coughs)

Mother: Where are your manners Keonnie? Greet the doctor. 

Keonnie: Hello (cough).. doctor. 

Doctor: Ah Madam. I can see very well why her hair.. uh..

(Keonnie looks at her mother)

Keonnie: Mommy !!

Doctor: Come on, come on. It’s a really bad cough that you have here. (He checks the pulse and temperature of Keonnie). Your body temperature is also quite high. Madam, you will make sure that this young lady does not attend school for a few days, taking into account her current condition. Okay, I’ll give you an injection and here are some medications for the remaining days. 

(Keonnie starts whimpering at the mention of an injection.)

Mother: Keonnie, I’m going to drop the doctor and I’ll leave for the market. Try to behave, rest and stay very far from the fridge. I will not be gone for long. 

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🥰Hari Om🥰