Hi i am a Lotus Flower. From somewhere i heard about all of you, the sincere readers of os family.  So i came here to share something about me. Are You interested ??? 


All of you are much familiar with me. Do you know that I am originates from the navel of Lord Vishnu? Lord Bhramha  created this world on sitting upon me. Even Maa Laxmi and Maa Saraswati accept me as her Asna to sit.

Kamla in terms of Sanskrit, i originates from the mud, blooms over there and being used to get served to my loving God.”

My Journey before my birth.

I love my dear Lord. I wish to be at his loving feet forever. But before i was born i was planted in dirty pond. Although far beneath the surface of the water, my roots takes hold, and my shoots starts to search for the Sun*. 

I look around here and there. Nothing except muck and mud was near to me. I talked to my friends near me that i wish to meet my Lord who is in the form of Sun.  They mocked upon me. They said, “Are you foolish ?? Just look around you where you are rooted. No one will come here in this dirty mud to pick you. You will born to die here. That’s why you are rooted here in this dirty mud. Nobody will even going to touch you. Just look around you, where  you are now. just a deep dirty environment, bad odour and muck all around you. Just forget about your plan and stay here forever.”

I smiled and replied,” Look my Dear Friends, right now i am just a little stem, i am deeper in the mud. I can see the rays of light refract as they move through water. This refraction makes me challenging to see the sun clearly from beneath the surface of the water, but i still knows i have to rise up through the water to catch the clearest rays. I can see these rays in the form of divinity. I have to bloom for it.

The blooming for my Love

And when the time came,  i was on top of the water, i take care that none of my petals touch the murky water. I opened my  pink petals and turns my face to the light in a simple gesture, rejoiced my own discovery. Looking at my own past, no one  could have idea that i came from such murky beginnings.

Acceptance by God and reached my destination

And it just happened. I was accepted by my Love. I reached at my destination. I found what was unimaginable for me. My Lord accepts me as i was. I reached a place where i should be. I was praising my luck. I thanked the divine and merged in the great ocean of bliss and love.

The Journey of Saadhna

The journey of this sacred flower reflects the journey of the true spiritual seeker. We are deep rooted in the earth, absorbed by sicknesses and negativities. The true yogi knows this muck as avidya and the great mistake of identifying ourselves with something other than our divine nature of pure bliss and peace.

Much like the lotus seed, we feel stuck in this muck of negativities and avidya. Then with God Grace, we receive a great wisdom that cracks open the tough shell of the little lotus seed. From there we move through the water of our limited understanding and reach for the light of bliss and wisdom.

Jai Shri Hari


*Symbolically, the sun represents illuminated knowledge, or ultimate truth.