Once, devi Parvathi had an unusual dream. In her dream there was a fierceful women killing everyone whoever comes in her way. That women was black in colour, wore a necklace made out of skeleton as ornament. Her hair was wide open. Overall she was looking very fierceful.

The story of mahakali 2


Devi Parvathi got scared and opened her eyes she went in search of mahadev to tell him about her dream. At last she found mahadev doing tandav nrithya (dance). She was surprised to see him doing tandav nrithya. She asked the reason and mahadev told he was doing tandav nrithya because of her dream. But devi Parvathi could not understand anything.

Later devraj( king of devas) Indra came running to mahadev and devi Parvathi asking them to protect all the devas from shumbha and nishumbha. Shumbha and nishumbha had sent many demons to kill all the devas. But nobody could kill shumbha and nishumbha because they had got a boon from Brahma that they could only be killed by a women. Mahadev told he could not help because he can’t kill shumbha and nishumbha. All turned towards devi Parvathi, she told that she would search for the woman who had come in her dream.

The story of mahakali 3

Later everyone went. Devi Parvathi pleaded mahadev to tell where that women was. But mahadev told he was about to start his sadhana and he could not tell. He gave a bel pathr¬† to devi Parvathi and told to look at the bel patr if nothing was possible. Mahadev began his intense sadhana. Then devi Parvathi went to her brother, lord Vishnu. She asked the same question to him. Lord Vishnu gave a clue saying that that women was too near to devi Parvathi. Devi Parvathi thought it was devi Lakshmi but devi Lakshmi told that it wasn’t true.

The story of mahakali 4

To be continued in the next post. Let’s see if devi Parvathi can find that fierceful women who came in her dream in my next post. Until then stay safe and happy.

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