Love solitude लहरों early negative visualization real lesson a gift dreams parenthood and ignorance understood the hard wayTHE STORY OF SADHANA

It often seems that we know what we are doing or we think we know what we are doing, and then it turns out that things are moving in a new direction. It’s not easy to figure out what we’re actually doing here. It seems like there is a standard program of life or procreation that we need to follow and then it should be good. But the real question is whether we know what we are actually doing. We can choose this or that way of life, but in the end we all end up on the same savannah. The standard way of life doesn’t really promise anything special, while each of us still wants a little something special from life. We all want our lives to be at least a little different from the standard. We could become non-standard athletes, or soldiers, or artists, or thinkers, and that would be a little more meaningful life. That small shift would be enough for us.
A positively non-standard lifestyle is a life in sadhana. Sadhana changes the conception, perception and final realization of life. Sadhana knows what she is doing. Sadhana systematically nullifies the layers of fear that have accumulated over the years of standard living. It also lays various types of foundations; in vitality, truth-telling, positivity, sincerity, wisdom, flexibility and general love. Sadhana is the most beautiful proof of how life can become good and at the same time special. If our life wasn’t something special and we didn’t know exactly what we were doing, sadhana will kindly fix it and introduce us to the magic of life.

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