There’s a bitter truth
to the sweetest outcome
one day you lean back
in your chair and think
oh how strange is everything.

All that you know
is just a bit bent
every smile you see
is not without its sadness
every support you lean on
is likely to disappear.

Every merit earned is
a demerit waiting to happen
each parent you lose
is never coming back
once an orphan you’ll always be one.

You see life’s promises are many
surely they come to pass
each one more beautiful
than the next
in the middle of all that promise
you are still battling alone.

As wood burns in fire
slowly at first
then its all ashes and smoke
this life too has no solid ground
it’s an illusion that’s all
fading away each day some more.

It’s hard at first
to just call out to God
the more disappointed you are
the stronger the pull
the day it does turn to love
His is the shore
you are willing to die for.

He knows the grief swimming
in your heart
He alone is the balm
the parents you lost
He is love like no other
He has the longest strongest arms.

He carries you where no man can go
to a safe loving place
a sweet nothingness
where there are no worries
not a fear
or a doubt.

He is kind like no other
as it spills from His eyes
You feel in His gaze
a million affectionate smiles
how do You do that
make us smile
when we think we just can’t.

Oh Lord assume your Parabrahma form
grow in my heart
ferry me across
this world so painful is beyond me
please lift me beyond SriHari
like a wick less lamp
in the night
I fall at your feet.

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