Have you ever wondered what life is like? What does it feel like? No, no, no…I don’t intend to hear that you are doing well or it’s all the way very miserable or anything. I mean the way you feel pain or anxiety or a moment of happiness. Yes, likewise do you ever taste it anyways? Yes, I know you are are alive. Every part of your body is throbbing with life. But, with a simple streak of honesty ask yourself the truth whether you experience life in you. Do we not feel excited or downcast, but do we ever feel life; what it is like?

It is really wonderful that some of us might be facing this question for the first time. Isn’t it going to be great if one is able to experience life as if a fish does in the ocean of life?

One tries to discover the truth but all the searches go outward and by the end of the day one is inconsolable when they see that this search is futile and never ending. It’s a mighty illusion when things appear to be outside while there is no outside available if all your sense organs are shut down. This is really a revolutionary realisation the moment one turns inward. Once one decides to look into the inner life one finds the most important goal of one’s life. It all beings with you here and now. 

There is a local joke which we as kids heard very often and I feel like sharing it with you too as it unfolds a great simple truth of life. An elderly man was sitting alone outside of his house and gargling ‘Hukkah‘. A good looking educated man from the same village stopped by him and asked him,” Why don’t you work Taau? You’re not still an old man. Your family would love you even more.” The old man asks, “Then.” “People would respect you” , said the young man. “Then”, said the old man. “You would become a great example”, said the young man. “Then”, says the old man. “You will have a lot of money sir”, said the young man. “Then”, says the old man. “You would have a happy and contented life”, said the young man. What the heck do I have right this moment!!!😂, says the old man.

So it’s simply great if one happens to identify the value and significance of the present moment and see what life stands for exactly…🙏