It was a usual day at school , I was lost in my  thoughts of cartoons(Dexter, Centurions, Powerpuff girls, and many more)  dreaming about them, just then the teacher announced that tomorrow will be a test of dictation words. As soon as she made the announcement, fear gripped me, because it was not any English dictation words test, it was Tamil dictation words test.  I was born in Chennai , the capital of Tamil Nadu, so Tamil was compulsory till 8th standard.At that time  I had difficulty in remembering Tamil words. I was studying in  2nd standard, I was a poor student at that time. So When I went home, I thought that I should not go to school tomorrow , If I went , I have to write the test and I was sure that I will get ZERO marks,  because I have not learned anything not even tried to learn since I can’t even   properly pronounce the tamil letters.  So I hatched out a plan that I will bunk my school tomorrow but how am I going to achieve this.

                 The house where we lived ,was a rented one. It was very lengthy building with 1st floor. They were total eight tenants, 4 in the ground floor and 4 in the first floor.  We lived in the 1st floor. The other day I was ready to go to school,  I wore my uniform, arranged my books in the bag and said good bye to my mom and went. My school was approx 1,5 km from my home ,so me and my elder brother usually went by walking, At that time he was studying in 4th std, he would usually go early to play with his friends.I don’t know what was going in my mind, that day instead of going to the school , I straight away went to the terrace of my building and just sat in the steps. The fear of test was in my heart , I thought if I got bad marks , I will be beaten by my teacher and will be get scolded at home , so it was a better idea to skip the test and the next day I can tell teacher that I was not feeling well.

                          As I was sitting in the staircase of my terrace, I took out my books to scroll through the pages, approx after one hour , my mom was coming to the terrace to hang the washed clothes on the strings. She found me sitting on the staircase,she thought that I was in school, but here I was. She asked me the reason for not going to the school, I told her I was not feeling well. She was angry with me that I could have told her earlier, instead I wore school uniform and my bag to terrace. She said me to go to the room and take rest. I was feeling happy at that moment, that I have saved myself from the test. My happiness did not remain for long ,as soon as the evening came, the fear of test once again caught hold of me, thoughts started coming into my mind what if the teacher could have not taken the test today?what if she takes the test tomorrow. So once again my heart started beating very fast. I thought that I will not go to school tomorrow also, but this time I can’t go to the terrace , mother will surely find out that I am sitting out there. So where should I go this time?

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