Sastang Pranam at your lotus feet oh Swamiji. The word gratitude is also not having that much amount of ‘gratitude’ which I want to offer at your feet. You are operating me at a totally enhanced level. Yes, you have loaded me with a decent amount of work 😜, but at the same time bestowed me the tools to execute them without buckling down unlike last year. Love ya! My brain, at times, feels like operating at Tera Hertz speed! With a closed eyed glimpse, I can flash through and figure out the tasks I need to complete within seconds and can recollect where things are held up. Even, now I am able to predict the problems in advance and getting intuitions all through your kind grace.

Today, I would like to offer my gratitude to Prthvi Mata, Mother Divine, all the gods and goddesses and of course you, revered Swamiji.

Last year, when some professional failures coupled with my own ego wrecked havoc in my and my family’s life, I was totally shaken. May be it was designed to make me more rugged. This year also before one week, I had to attend a high priority work related to the Defence Services. The tone was set in such a manner that I was the only choice to get the things done and it was full of huge responsibilities. Failure was not an option. I had a little fear initially. But when you are there, why should I even think! Armed with your power and grace, I set out for the mission. Yes, it was literally a mission with a heavy breakfast in the morning and 2 snickers in my cargo pant pocket (so that main hero-in naa ban jaoon as per snickers chocolate ad 🤪).

Entire day, I used to work with my technician and mechanical fitters to complete a daunting task. With strong determination, a hyper active brain driven directly by you (Swami ji), I could sense the problems very fast. I was amazed at the speed of my own work later to realize that, I was just a medium and mother nature was getting it done through me with the blessings of Swami ji.

All through my work, I had the luxury of sitting on the lap of Prithvi Mata as I spent more than 95 percent of my time sitting on floor. The usual table and chairs were used only for some computer operation. After a day, the laptop was also sitting with me in the lap of Prithvi Mata 🤭. This, I suppose, grounded my stress and anxiety 😁and helped me to have complete focus on the job at hand.🤛

As I was working at a very strategic and high security zone, having lunch was of least priority. I did not have time to ‘waste’ for taking lunch. But I used to have heavy diner to compensate the lunch crunch and ended up gaining about a kilo in a week 🥺. So statutory warning is: please do not indulge in such type of activities😂. The high ranked defence officials who were monitoring the job progress dubbed me as one man army resolving the problems of instruments detecting beta, gamma and neutron radiation – all three! I smiled and offered my obeisance to the invisible you👼 (Swami ji, who is the real one man army, navy and air force or whatever)! Your laser like guidance was pinpointing me to the base of the problem and the same were getting resolved at lightening fast pace. My, God! What an experience! I am getting goosebumps remembering the moments.

The very professional failure with an ego head which pulled me down to dust, turned out to be a reason of pride for my entire section, division and organization. At this point, I want to add that unfortunately the so called Indian Scientist community has a very high dose of ego. But why? What have you achieved? Did you earn a Noble Prize or have you made any revolutionary contributions to the society whose Income Tax money pays your salary? Baring a few real gems, a vast majority think in a totally egoistic manner and always try to pull their peers down. They do not groom their juniors in the manner in which they should be. Rather they train them how to play a nice blame game, how to take credit when things are in good shape and how to find a sacrificial anode to discharge all the blames and throw all the flames when things go haywire. A really talented community in deed! Oh Swami ji, please have mercy on the community and do something to brake this stereotypic mindset..

I must make a special mention of a really energetic guy named Shaik Babajaan (Yes, a Muslim fellow, but a neik banda of Allah) who was with me and very instrumental for facilitating the work, making various test setups, installation and checking of the rectified instruments at the desired locations. Swami ji, you know how congested and hazardous is the location of installation of the instruments. Please, have your grace on the fellow, a really hardworking and sincere guy.

All the laurels are at your feet oh revered one, as you are the real reason behind the success. I can see a sea change in my working style and work profile as well. I am being given more responsibilities, multiple projects to handle with rapid learning experience. I am getting exposure to Managerial Responsibilities along with technical ones. My half hearted attempts are fading and I am able to exert the maximum possible thrust to see the work gets the best out of me. My compromising nature on work front has turned to be a real life systematic problem solving attitude.

The same is getting extended into my personal life in almost all areas. With improved social adaptability more seamless connectivity (not jio 🤐), the propulsion is just awesome. Only the paucity of time to write down all these is taking a toll which I will definitely try to figure out and fix with your guidance Swami ji.

That’s me, the transformed Biswa. Thank you all for your kind patience to read the blog.


PS: Please do not congratulate me on any of the achievements if you are writing a comment. If you really feel like doing so please write “Jai Shri Hari” sending gratitude to the divine – a humble request.🙏