It whistled and you ran
But when you reached, the train had left

You saw it gain speed and vanish from your sight
Standing still, thinking, if only you had gotten up on time

Sulking alone, your mind was following the train
The sunny vineyards, lush green farms, and now my favourite castle the train would have passed

Standing still, thinking, if only you had gotten up on time

Whistling in came the next train
With a sigh, you boarded the same

The route it took was different
Making you wonder, when would the journey end

With tired eyes you looked outside, something different caught your sight
“Was this waterfall here all this while?”

Next came the pink, purple and orange hues in the sky
When the sun was about to bid goodbye

Was it a painting in-front of your eyes ?
For you had marvelled only the clear blue sky

Darkness had now engulfed the world outside, but your face was lit with something bright
It was the full moon night!

The starlit sky made you wonder
“Am I a part of this beautiful universe?”

The final destination had now arrived
You alighted with a big smile

Standing still, thanking, you had not gotten up on time

The journey you took was different
But the destination reached, the same

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