सच कहते हैं वो दुनिया संसार सब माया है, जिसकी एक हसीन काया है, 

कोई शब्दों के जाल को बुनता, 

कोई सपनों के जाल में झूलता, 

कोई खुशियों को गम से तोलता , 

कोई मन की बात टटोलता।। 

सच कहते हैं वो दुनिया संसार सब माया है जिसकी एक हसीन काया है…..।। 


Nothing is permanent in this life, even the life itself is not permanent. From the ancient times people were searching truth in this fake world.

Every thing that you need is within you. I have seen many people worrying for no reason they are just happy to express their sadness. I actually avoid these people who pretends to be sad. 

So sadness and joy both are state of mind , just you have to shift it to whatever phase you want. In fact most of our feelings are just because of our state of mind except those which we can’t express in words. 

Though it is very difficult to put a definition of life into a strait jacket and tell it’s purpose but what I have experienced I am writing it in steps.

1. Donot see life as a purpose because it has many colours, just be coloured to what you get but with mindfulness. 

2. Never deny any situation of your life. 

Because whenever you deny a situation life will take you to that situation again and again, so facing it is the solution to overcome it. 

3. Never get attached to situation, person or in short do not make any colour of life as your favourite. 

Because every colour has its own beauty. 


4. The last point according to me which I think is the most crucial and very much difficult which I am also trying from past 4 -5 years but still I couldn’t make up to it fully, is that, 

Practice meditation for “no reason”. Because as far as this reason will continue you will not experience the un reasonable. 

Then many of you must think that “how to start? ” 

So to start with there are three things- If you are a child or a person who doesnot know about spirituality then just start meditation like how you started brushing your teeth without knowing the cause , 

if you are a grown up or you have read some books and you think you have masters over the subject then start with a cause, “just with a cause only” , 

And the third eitheryou are a child or grown up then start with curiosity because the pain of not knowing is unbearable. 


A suggestion- Donot get confused in words “ Start Meditation ” 

“Wake up it’s not too late. “


Thankyou for reading it.

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