I Got married in a big Haveli in Bareilley U.p with an ultra big Angan with trees of Banana, Bargad and Peepal planted years ago by my husband s great Grand father who was Guru to many and use to have Satsangs and Keertan there often! 

With modernisation and people moving from small towns to big the sessions of these spiritual discourses changed to occasional mahalaxmi , savitri poojas and Govardhan in our( community) coutyard. 

Being an only child of working parents, growing up in flats I was a very introvert and shy child busy with my own thoughts and ideas and the effort of conversing with people really bothered me.

But each God s broken statue that was old and of no use, each God calender and each remains of Hawan were offered to Our  Peepal tree, which stood tall, majestic , green and talking …talking I say because each who offered the tree something had there secrets or wishes to share with him.

Often to dry my clothes which I had to wash with hands or pluck tulsi from courtyard to put in each food dish we cooked to offer it as a bhog to our Family Deity Shree ji.

Soon the bahurani of the house who spoke so less had no choice but to respond to every radhe radhe , every prnaam and every paai laagu from milk man , to women who came to offer holy water to the peepal teee each day , to maali bhaiya who filled an earthern flat pot of water for squirrel ,partots,pegion, crows and Sparrows under the peepal tree cemented round.

My beautiful Peepal tree made me an out door person , a smiling and sensitive person who was concerned of thirst people might be experiencing travelling to our home in such scorching heat.

The Peepal tree became my best buddy too and I wrote a letter each day to my beloved under the soft shade and rustling sound of it’s leaves.

I had to move back to Delhi for my kids school admission but each Holi Diwali when I visit my inlaws the tree which narrates life is the first to be greeted by his buddy. . . .  

Part 2. . .  We were given a 10 minutes in Os.me workshop to write something which a each sentence begins from alphabet A to z posting same….

A beautiful life yes that’s what u have. Blooms of daffodil around the balcony. Carefully trimmed and looking like a carpet of velvet. Dancing on it are attractive butterflies! Echo’s of wings of wasps and bees! Fluttering there wings rhythmically. Gorgeous buds of unopened flowers shine from in between! How I wonder this bloom remains for ever! India is a country with diverse seasons.June and July are typically sweaty.Kids don’t particularly like to water the daffodils at this season.Lieing in their beds they are around! Mummy’s scream Oh kids u get up! No time to sleep now. Please fill the pots with cool water.Queen Ann will be visiting us soon.Resting in beds u are getting fat and big.Sandra please trim the Dafoddils. Tim you help your sister with gardening. Under my bed is gardening pipe. Various flowers need your love and attention.Weeds have grown.Xavier the manure man rings our bell! You I say in amazement!Zeena my daughter I bring with me Madam to play in your Daffodil garden today!