In today’s world, almost everyone who has a decent internet connection has access to all the information they need. One search on Google can give you more info than what a person in the previous generation might’ve gathered through books over decades. In such a situation, how can we make our blogs stand out? That’s the enormous challenge faced by all content creators.

I’ve been blogging for roughly three years now. During this time, through my experience, I created a writing metric for myself, which I call the Triple E Filter. Since my niche is Sanatana Dharma, I’ll explain this writing tip with examples from this faith. As follows:

1. Entertain

Even a person who doesn’t relate to the teachings of Sanatana Dharma gets attracted to one thing about it. That credit goes to the Puranic tales. The massive reason for this is entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment!

Sometimes a few of these Puranic stories even sound random and pointless. Nevertheless, their entertainment quotient has caused their popularity to sore so high that almost everyone seems to know these stories.

That sets my first writing filter — Entertain. I always try to ensure that my posts are engaging for my readers. How do I do that? By following my Entertain Rule of Thumb:

If my posts can’t entertain me for at least three reads, others can’t read it even once.

2. Encourage

The life stories of saints and celebrities are a classic example of my second writing filter. The narrators of these tales always stick to one clear objective: make the reader want to follow that popular figure.

If a saint promoted Bhakti, the bards of those days tried to sprinkle elements of devotion into it. For a king who displayed courage, they ensured that the entire narrative filled the reader with an adrenaline rush. Of course, let’s forget that they sometimes went overboard with emotions!

That brings me to my second writing filter — Encourage. My Encourage Rule of Thumb says:

My posts must have some call for action, which makes the reader want to do something.

3. Enlighten

The Itihasa or historical texts — Ramayana and Mahabharata — have stood the tests of time for a reason. Besides Entertain and Encourage, they also follow the third writing filter. Anyone reading these tales will surely come out of it, learning something.

Maharishi Veda Vyasa’s contemporaries state that if someone puts the Vedas on one side and the Mahabharata on the other side of a scale, the latter weighs heavier! Due to its heightened learning aspect, many consider the Mahabharata a Veda in itself.

That highlights the third writing filter — Enlighten. Since the biggest superpower in this world is contemplative wisdom, my Enlighten Rule of Thumb goes:

My posts must leave some lingering wisdom for my reader as a takeaway.

So, what happens to those write-ups that don’t pass at least two of my three writing filters above? They sit in my writing app (Ulysses) until it meets my self-imposed criteria. Close to twenty posts haven’t seen the daylight for three years now because they couldn’t pass my Triple E Filter. That’s how seriously I take what I’ve shared here.

This post targeted my readers who’re aspiring writers. If you aren’t one of those, you can still utilize this Triple E Filter. How? Try using it in your conversations and work-related presentations. You’ll be amazed at how hooked your audience will be even after a few hours of your talks!



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