What does a dying man think? What is it that matters to us the most when we are about to die? Did you ever think about this that after all, what is it that is going to be in our mind when we are finishing our journey?

To find the answer to these questions Mr Deepak Ramola goes to “Kashi labha mukti bhawan” one of the three lodges that lets people check in to die in Kashi to get “kashi labha” or “the fruit of Kashi” or mukti. He shares his experience and learning in his post, the link to which is here.

So it’s been described in Hindu scriptures that people who die in Kashi, attain salvation or the cycle of rebirth impelled by the cycle of karma. In the book “Gospel of Shri Ramakrishna” also has been mentioned that when Shri Ramakrishna visited the samsan ghats of Kashi, he saw lord shiva himself, with ash-covered body and towny matted hair, serenely approaching each funeral pyre and breathing into the ears of the corpses the mantra of liberation, and divine mother releasing the reads from their bonds. Thus he realised the significance of the scriptural statement that anyone dying in Kashi attains salvation through the grace of lord shiva. 

Impelled by this, many people check in to this lodge in their final times to die in Kashi. Mr Deepak Ramola meets Mr Bhairav nath shukla who is the caretaker of the lodge for the last 44 years and he shares with him his experience that he got from 12000 dying people. 

Out of all the learnings, the first one is his favourite, which is:

Resolve all your conflicts before you go

 He has shared this in a YouTube video and which makes me write this post today. You can watch it here. The link to which is here 

In this, he says that “people carry so much conflict with them all through their life just wanting to drop them at the very end of their journey. The trick lies not in not having conflicts but to resolve them as soon as you can.”

We are here and no one knows for how long. What if this is the last day of our lives? Then also are we going to keep all that ego within us? We keep grudges, we keep anger and many a time even for a very small matter, we get so annoyed with the other person that we start hating them so much. That happens to everyone. Because we are not mindful enough to give an appropriate reaction and to handle the stressful situation with patience. If we knew that today is the last day of our lives, will we still be keeping all these grudges within us?

Time is very cruel and takes one or the other without any prior notice. So don’t hesitate to say that one sorry or to say that “I forgive you” even to the ones who are not seeking your forgiveness. If not for their sake then at least for your peace of mind and your happiness.

Thank you all for all the love and acceptance you have shown through your positive comments. May God bless you all. Radha Krishna Bhagwan ki jai.

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