There was so much that Mansi wanted to speak out. So much hidden and suppressed. Her weary eyes held back tears as she kept on doing her daily chores. She was a victim of an abusive marriage and was going through various court cases and social dilemmas.

Mansi and I have met on many occasions. But mostly surrounded by family and friends. There was so much to share and reveal but maybe we were waiting for an appropriate place and time to talk.

As luck would have it, we soon met in a resort at Jim Corbett National Park. I frequently visit the place to conduct sessions on healing and psychotherapy. Mansi came there to have a social break and some “me time”.

That day, after my early morning sessions, I was almost free for the whole day. I met Mansi over the breakfast table. We had decent exchange of niceties. She knew I am a coach and a psychologist. Even if she wanted such a person to unburden herself, she was more hesitant as I was also a distant family friend.

I initiated the conversation and offered to show her around the river side as I have been there many times before. During our nature walk, I could make her comfortable and she started talking.

As a Coach, I have learnt that many a times, it’s not important to get every detail and situation of the past. Important thing is empathy and compassion. With few of her statements, I could understand the grief she must have gone through, her fears and the dilemma she was in. There seemed no way that I could console her with words.

We sat besides the river and started gazing at the beautifully flowing water. I so much wanted her to open up. So I stood up and started throwing stones in the river. I asked Mansi to do the same by taking names of people who have given her worst memories. As she started the activity, she was shouting the names, cursing and crying. What a catharsis and how wonderfully she unburdened herself.

Jai Shri Hari 🙂