I always had a sound and uninterrupted sleep until that night. I had never experienced broken sleep except getting up frightened due to some random nightmares in the childhood.  But this time, it was totally different experience. I was seventeen. I was deeply attached with one friend who lived distantly. I was totally unaware about the fact that on the preceding evening, she was hospitalised due to some unexpected reasons. I laid asleep as usual. At about 4:10 AM, I felt uneasy and got up perplexed as if someone was trying to contact me from other dimension. I felt something indescribable. Not knowing what it was, I could not get back to sleep. However at about 8:30 AM, our landline phone rang and I picked it up. It was her cousin who gave me heart shattering news about her death in the night. Shocked, I could only ask, At what time, she left”. “At about 4:10 AM”, he consoled me. I could not ask anything else. 

Numbed, I tried to revisit the feeling I had at 4:10 AM and could feel that it was actually she who came to me to say good-bye.  

This experience of my life is still unexplained.


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