I was walking around the neighborhood, amongst the peacocks who usually frolic around in our area in the evenings, when this not-so-colorful peacock feather (the one in the picture) peeked out from underneath the gorgeous, rainbow-colored ones on a handsome peacock.

I thought to myself, ‘This is also a peacock feather and yet no one desires it. Can’t I take it home?’ But the feather was still attached to the peacock. Of course, quietly pulling it out was out of the question. Who would do that to a beautiful peacock? What if it was painful for the pretty bird? ‘Maybe someday, if I’ll find it on the ground.’ thought I, and went on my way.

Little did I know that the Universe was eavesdropping.

I walked around the block to come back to the same spot to find something I never expected. It was the same feather right in front of me on the ground, freshly shed by the peacock probably as a gift, as if showing gratitude for liking its least favorite kid. I took it home, and put it right near the entrance as a reminder that no matter what we are thinking, Universe is always eavesdropping, ready to make our wish, its command, in the most loving way. πŸ™‚