The Universe responds when we open our mind and heart…

At times, we face many difficult situations. The nature of the problem or the intensity of the situation may vary. For some, it may be an abusive relationship or an abusive environment. For some, it may be facing parental problems. Some may be having issues with their partner or a family member. Some may be dealing with a partner or a family member having a mental illness. Some may be dealing with a partner or a family member facing alcohol or any addiction.

But then, a majority of the people do not openly share their problems. There can be many reasons for this. They may not be ready to accept the reality of the situation. They may be hoping that things will resolve in due course of time. They may be thinking what will society think or how will they react. They may be afraid to share their problems. They may not want their family to know and get stressed. They may think this is my Karma I have to go through this or things will change when the right time will come.

Whatever be the reason, people suffer a lot silently when they keep their problems bottled within themselves. They are in pain, yet they choose not to share their pain or vent out their feelings. They live in constant stress, yet put up a smile. With time, they forget since when they have been putting up with the situations.

In some cases, with time the problems do get resolved but in most cases, the problem spirals into something much larger and difficult to handle.

Our lives change when we open our heart and mind to the universe. We must take a bold step forward and share our problems with anyone we trust.

The situation or problem may not change immediately but a new dimension opens up. The universe responds and creates many channels to help us. We find that many people come into our lives to help us. We start moving in the right direction to find a solution. We also feel much lighter as we need not hide our sorrows or fears. We feel content and stress free as we are taking action.

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