From the viewpoint of information, the world is made up of knowledge. For example, the knowledge of material gives us the information of the material world and the ability to manipulate it. We can use this ability to create medicine or create weapons of mass destruction. Similarly, the knowledge of the economy gives us various economics models and the ways to make ‘deals’,  for example, the barter system or the capitalist economy for that matter
and so on.

This knowledge that I talk of is divided into four levels or layers. The Material Level, The Economy Level, The Polity Level, and The Spiritual Level(Philosophical level). Every level is more complex than its predecessor.

Complexity in mathematical terms is the number of variables that are acting together to produce a result. For example, a cubic equation is more complex than a quadratic equation. This is true for everything. The complexity of anything depends upon how many variables are changing when we are trying to study it, or how many factors are having any effect on the object of our study. At the material level, the number of variables is generally low. For example, when we study physics we have at most 10-20 variables that we take into account while formulating a theory or making a deduction. In the same way, when we move up to the economy the number of variables becomes very large since each and every ‘person’ affected by the economy becomes one more variable to deal with. This means that whenever we want to formulate any economic theory we have to keep every person who would be affected by that economic change in mind while formulating that theory. Meaning every such person becomes a variable. Now creating such a theory that takes into account millions of variables is impossible,   hence the study of how the economy affects
people is generally done empirically since it cannot be done mathematically. Similarly when we move to the political level then every citizen of the country becomes a variable. We know that the human mind is complex, so one can imagine playing with 140 cr variables. It can be
seen that political theories cannot be even proven empirically (as it is too difficult to conduct an experiment with this many variables). A certain level of ‘faith’ starts coming into the picture when concerned with politics. It is true that any polity is better than dictatorship but one cannot say for sure if capitalism is better or socialism. At most both are experiments being played at a very large scale.

This being said, one must understand that each level can become infinitely complex as well. What I mean is that the depth factor has also to be taken into account. How deep one wantsto study the subject also defines the complexity. On the surface a material subject may seem easy , but once someone starts to go deep into the subject it’s bound to get tedious and more complex. For example, take soil. You can study the general property of soil and do agriculture. But you can also go a bit deeper and try to define the molecular structure of various salts present in the soil. You may even dive deeper and begin to explain why the bonds are formed, then you may start trying to explain how the electrons are located, the spin factor , keep digging deeper till you reach the string theory(where the buck stops for today). What I mean to say is, that, every level can get infinitely complex as we start to dig deeper into it. By saying that the economy layer is more complex than the material layer, what I mean is, when just grazing the surface the economy has many more variables to deal with, hence it is more complex.  This is true for every layer. With this one can begin to understand the complexity of philosophy, where the number of variables are unknown, which is why I prefer to call it ‘The Unknown’. As a subject or level of knowledge this encompasses the entire human biome. It also covers the spirit and the beyond, the world of souls (if it exists) and all the souls that live there. It may try to answer questions like if the soul exists, is honesty the right way to live, does god exist or not? The questions are so complex that they generally sound trivial. I find it funny how our brain works, the most complex questions are treated as trivial by it so we don’t get trapped and go insane. For the material world the theories and hypothesis are generally universally accepted (Newton’s laws etc). The same is somewhat true for the Economy (value of money etc). Some may like capitalism, some may like socialism but we can see that the entire world is moving towards a mixed economy (the true economy).. It is also true for polity (rule of law etc), but at this layer fractures begin to emerge (Due to complexity), Here since political systems cannot be actually proven so some people or groups or organisations hold radically different views over a political system. For some one-party system is worth dying for some it’s democracy. One can’t say for sure which is right for obvious reasons because he cannot PROVE it. It is yet to be seen if a true polity emerges or not. This fracture develops and magnifies to a rather frightening level when it comes to Philosophy. Since it is immensely complex ‘faith’ totally takes over (well except for a few…). Religions are created. The Divisions become strong and what I call ‘THE GAME” emerges (More on this some other time). But one can see that religious ideologies are sharp and people have been driven to wars because of this. Different religions become a part of one’s identity. We don’t see material becoming a part of one identity (you don’t see people going around and fighting over newton’s law or saying I am the second law or thermodynamics or some other nonsense), we don’t see economy becoming a part (you don’t see people making economic concepts as part of their identity like a common man would never say I am a hardcore capitalist and I am ready to die for it), we slowly start to see polity becoming a small part ( you can go around and see people fighting on streets over political ideologies, one will proudly say he is a rebulican or a democrate, i.e, you can see that polity is slowly becoming a part of one’s identity, like his/her name!! ) then we see religion becoming a strong part of one’s identity(one is a strict Hindu, Muslim, Christian, etc, i.e here identity is attached !! by the government itself 🙂 ).

To study the brain I need to take you on a reverse journey. Since explaining yourself is always difficult ,we often make anecdotes to try to explain ourselves. The Brain is no different. So to explain this let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence, I am assuming that the reader is familiar with what AI is. AI is basically the brain trying to recreate itself. So we can understand how the brain works if we understand how AI works, which makes our work simple. To Simplify, In AI we use some data sets and feed it to the system , then we use that data set to reach a decision (using some logic), and then we put that decision as part of the data set to be used in the future (this is called learning for machines which we will see that we learn in the same way). So this is how our brain must work as well. We are born and while we are growing up we feed into our system huge amounts of data. What we see, hear, smell etc becomes part of our data set and helps us to make decisions in everyday life. What we call experiences become part of our data set and makes us wiser. We learn (See? 😉 ). One way to verify this is that we cannot imagine a new color. Why? Since each and every combination of existing colors is known to us. It is in our data set. And all possible combinations are also in the data set. So imagining a new color is basically trying to create a new data out of nowhere, which is not possible.

When we begin our spiritual journey by reading some philosophy text or by following any
guru we inculcate in our data set some information. Now, whatever observations we make
(our own way of feeding data) we are bound to be slightly influenced by the philosophical
data that we have already consumed. Since the domain itself is unknown hence no true
philosophy has emerged. Philosophies are bound by their time (Especially when taken upon
by weak minds) and the current generation keeps on gathering information from the same
text hence reproduction materials that are some variations of the same.
The truth is just behind the veil..lurking in the shadows…waiting for its rightful heir…All the
ones in the past have failed..It will be revealed to a fresh eye..Someone who takes in the
natural information…processes the data and realizes the truth of all truths. Our origin, our
end…And everything in Between….