Although I tried to read David’s book-‘The Uninhabitable Earth’ but i couldn’t read it beyond a few pages because the book was very scary, terrifying and it really painted a very grim picture of what is going to happen in the future. So, from that moment on i got interested in the field of climate change and i started researching about it out of the fear of what will happen in the future. 

In 2015, an international treaty on climate change was adopted by 196 Nations in Paris and it came to be known as ‘The Paris Agreement ‘. It’s main objective is to keep the mean global temperature below 2 Degree Celsius above Pre- Industrial Levels preferably at 1.5 Degree Celsius. The Global Temperatures are already above 1.2 Degree Celsius above Pre- Industrial Level. The good news is that our nation will meet its Paris Agreement Commitments way ahead of 2030( which is the deadline). But the bad news is that we are on track to reach 1.5 Degree Celsius above Pre- Industrial Level in the early years of 2030s, which is start of the “Endgame” for our species- ‘Humans’ and Life as we know it.

To Be Continued…

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