Monsoon’s departure from India usually starts from september 1. But now this date has extended to september 17. In 2019, the end of monsoon began on october 9. People think that these small delays don’t matter much but what people don’t know is that these small changes will reset the farming clock in India. This reset will result in food crisis all across the country in the future. 

Due to climate change, the glaciers are melting rapidly in the whole world. In India, the snow and glaciers in the Himalayas are also melting very rapidly. This increased melting is resulting in increasing water volume and flow of rivers like in the Rivers- Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra. The increased flow of these rivers will cause floods in the plain regions in the future which will put more than billion people’s lives in danger. Scientists and Researchers say that this melting of glaciers will cause the increasing flow of these rivers till 2050s. After 2050s, the flow in these rivers will decrease because most of the glaciers that supply water to these rivers, would have melted completely. Ultimately, these rivers will become dry and go extinct because of Climate Change. 

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