Even the instances of cloud bursts have increased 121 percent in the state of  Himachal Pradesh due to which the landslides are also increasing in the state(which is situated in the foothills of Himalayas and which also constitutes a major chunk of Himalayan mountain range of our country as well). In just a span of 1 month alone in the monsoon season of 2021( in the summer), there have been more than twenty five instances of landslides which have even resulted in the deaths of more than 150 people. The landslides have also resulted in a huge loss of infrastructure, houses, complexes, roads and vehicles etc. Even the state of Uttarakhand is not behind in terms of increasing landslides. In February 2021, a very big landslide took place in the district of Chamoli. Even the river got flooded because of the falling debris and this flood completely destroyed the hydro power project( which was built near the dam) and also the dam that was built on that river. Along with these huge losses, many innocent people lost their lives as well. So, all in all; the instances of landslides are increasing in the hilly states of India and these landslides will increase to exponential levels in the future because of climate change. 

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