The wildfires are also on the rise all around the world. Due to rising global warming, the forest’s trees are becoming dry. The drying of these trees and rising temperatures; both results in these trees catching fire which spreads to the whole of forests and causes wildfires. The wildfires have devastated forests all over the world and people living alongside those forests or in even cities closeby; are forced to vacate their houses so as to save themselves. Turkey, Russia, Canada, America, Europe, Australia, India etc. are some of the places that are hit the most with these wildfires. In our country, Uttarakhand has bore the brunt of these deadly wildfires; the most. Even its capital, Dehradun has experienced wildfires causing havoc as forests are adjacent to this mountain city. What’s concerning is that, these wildfires not only burn hectares of land but they also cause a lot of air pollution along with the loss of precious flora and fauna. Experts say that these wildfires will only increase as the global warming increases in the future. Even firefighters can’t do much to stop it as these natural fires can’t be extinguished with water or sand because these fires spreads in thousands of acres of land. So, we are basically powerless in front of these wildfires. 

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