There’s a part of you,
Definitely running not for money,
But you clouded to see,
Only that fills your pocket.

A part of you dying,
Life unlived,
And too burdening.

Maybe the throbbing within,
Won’t satisfy greed,
But definitely fill the missing link,
Of your broken heart,
Bringing forth,
The child within,
And make you function,
With a wise head,
And a childish heart.

Never let it die,
If unlived,
You are dead alive.

When the heart throbs,
Let it wander,
Learn what once thought,
But never could.

Collect pebbles,
If that brings joy,
And if all this seems childish,
Let me tell,
The child’s only lives,
The rest dragging through lives.

A part of you,
Dying dead,
Revive it soon,
For it revives you,
Or else,
Let it die,
And be a living dead.


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