Life itself is a form of suffering and essentially an endless series of problems. But, suffering is actually biologically useful. It’s nature’s preferred agent for inspiring change. 

So, don’t hope for a life without problems. Instead, hope for a life full of good problems. 

The Cause of Suffering

One thing we all need to remember is that, 

It’s not the external situation that’s causing you suffering. It’s your thoughts about the situation that causes you pain. 

So, you need to shift your thoughts. It is rightly said:

“Don’t let anyone rent space in your mind. Let it go. “

The Power of Suffering

We need to understand one simple fact that we are suffering for a greater cause. Don’t ask the question: 

How do I stop suffering?

Instead ask yourself, 

Why am I suffering and what is the purpose behind it?

It is your pain that fuels your superpower.  So, just tap into this power. Welcome this hurt as it means that you are alive. 

Awakening and Suffering

The process of awakening is said to always begin from extreme suffering. One interesting thing to note is that there are many people who are completely unconscious of this realization that they are constantly suffering.

So, the first step towards awakening through suffering is to become conscious of it.  Being conscious is the sensitivity that is awakened in an intelligent being, as we all are under perpetual suffering. 

And Remember,

” You must go through the darkest night in order to get the infinite light.”



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