Vicious Circle of Desires and Fulfillment

I have always been fond of reading and writing. One fine day, while I was reading something, I stumbled upon the quote of Lord Byran which said, ” And when we think, we lead. We mostly are led”. It immediately got my attention. What a profound truth this statement carries. The day onward, I became fond of reading, writing and thinking.

While contemplating on the subject of desires one day, it struck my mind that every material desire is short lived. When fulfilled, it loses its significance and the ones which remain unfulfilled also meet the same fate in some way.

If I could think of my desires ranging from the childhood, every fulfilled desire lost its charm as it begot the new desire. However the desires which remained unfulfilled also lost their sheen by the passage of time as they gave birth to desires of higher intensity. At that time, when I was thinking about all these things, I made a statement to myself which said,

The life is a vicious circle of desires and fulfilments”.


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