That time…

when my insecurities caught me off guard, 

when I felt a void in my heart more than ever,

when I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Void

I never knew when I cried again,

The void had given me numbing pain.

Alone, all alone I reach out fists

Extended in the morning mist

Of time looming between us.

As the shining stone the sun descends

I throw up a wall of pretence;

Hiding, hiding the feelings which threaten

To breach a rampart which weakens

As time looms between us.

As stars peep through the twilight sky

Thoughts of you as the long days wane,

With love, ever green love that fate

Handles whilst I, alone, wait

Looming time sits between us.

The dark shroud spreads its nightly stain 

As I yearn for that fullness.

Throwing off the veil of pretence

My eyes covered by lids cannot hide the emptiness,

As looming time lays a bridge between us.


there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

When all is not well, remember, 

All this is complete, all that is also complete.

From complete, has emerged complete.

When you take complete out of complete,

What is left is also complete.

You are complete,

This world is also complete.