Most of you must have experienced at some point of life in childhood that the things about which our parents had scolded, to which most of us had responded rudely at that time leaves a regret in our life forever. But the realisation of such things is often made after either the time is gone or the situation becomes worse.

Similarly I am taking you in such world where everything that seemed an untrue mystery have become the today’s reality and the most interesting part is the ending of this article. 

With the advancement of science we have broken the most basic principle of the physical world when we enters in the mystery of quantum world (Atomic Level). It may be hard to believe. What if I tell you that it is possible to exist in several places at the same dimension of time? Which means that you can be present at different places at the same time. You may be thinking that it’s impossible. But when we dive into this world of fictional reality everything that seems impossible becomes the reality.

I know scientists believe that the Hindu religious histories such as ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ are some kind of mythical stories. Similarly if we read Mahabharata it clearly tells of the presence of ‘Lord Krishna’ at different places at the same time. How can you consider it a myth if you are giving scientists the noble prices for proving the same fact scientifically? 

Most of the religious teachings of all religions tells us about the presence of many other universes (Brahmand). Today which we call Sir Hugh Everett’s Parallel World theory. Our Gurus have told in their teachings that everything is myth in the world. And with today’s advancement of science we have found that everything at the very basic level is energy. That means solidity is an illusion concluding that everything in this world is myth.

The most famous Big Bang Theory tells us about the formation and expansion of universe which is long ago written in the holy book ‘Guru Granth Sahib’

‘What we think about about others affects them’. Today we have the scientifical prove that everything in the universe is connected and the activity of one particle affects the other if they were kept in contact once even if they are separated by infinite distance. Today scientists are made to beleive about the presence of some divine soul which connects and controls the whole universe at the very basic level called the ‘Unified Field Theory’ which is considered the top theory in the world of science. This breaks the thin wall between science and spirituality.

Irony: The facts that our Gurus(Bhagwan) told us before the birth of science are considered as myth only because we don’t want to accept it and follow their path. Instead we decide to unfold the mysteries which gives us the glimpse of what exactly was written in our religious books several centuries ago now makes a sense.

This is not a controversial topic, just to make sense that rather than unfolding the mysteries of the world which is already told by our Gurus long ago, instead we should unfold the mysteries of ourself for what we are sent to this world. Either the time will be gone or the life will end. 🙏🏻

  • ~Hargun Singh