Note: This is a Day 4 writing workshop exercise to describe the color yellow to a person who can’t see.

In the last couple of days, I have been reading a book called The Colour Thief to my toddler. In this book, a giant doesn’t like colors and steals them from nature. A blind girl, who can’t see colors, makes the giant see the error of his ways.

Explaining to my kid how some people don’t have the ability to see was painful. “Why can’t she not see?”, my son asked me. I didn’t have a good answer.¬†

As luck would have it, the writing exercise for today is to describe yellow to a blind person. I found this the hardest exercise of them all. Nevertheless, here we go.

The warm rays of the sun are yellow. Yellow is warmth.

The sweet, tasty and juicy mango is yellow. Yellow is succulent.

The noisy taxi cabs of New York City are yellow. Yellow takes you from one place to another.

The bright sunflower is yellow. Whose yellow pollen gives you free sneezes for the taking.

The warm sponge used to wash dishes is yellow. Yellow is soapy.

The tasty laddoos are yellow. Yellow is sweet.

The smell of the Indian spice turmeric is yellow. Yellow is medicinal.

The five little ducks are yellow. Yellow is quack quack quack.

The tiny lemon is yellow. Yellow is tangy.

Budgerigars, cockatoos and parrots contain copious amounts of yellow. Yellow is feathered.

The corn on the cob is yellow. Yellow is not corny. This sentence is.

The Lords attire is yellow. Yellow is Divine.

Yellow is light. Yellow is warm. Yellow is mild.

Yellow is a soft little fellow.

 Image Credit: David Pisnoy from Unsplash