Nothing destroyed more of history,
Nothing created more of history,
Nothing ruined more of relations,
Nothing flowered more of relations..

Than those three sticks,
Captured within a glass,
On a marry-go-round.

For more than love,
For more than hate,
For more than money,
For more than lives…

We value those sticks,
Never stopping,
Never going back.

Staking our loved ones,
Staking road safety,
Staking life values,
Staking sleep and joy…

We run to chase,
Those three sticks,
On an destination-less eternal journey.



P.S: Thank you and deep gratitude for reading my poems. It’s a newly discovered talent in me, maybe not rhyming and good enough, but I found poetry is the best medium to express our emotions. And that’s the reason I started writing them, it frees up my mind, relaxes me, and the creative expression is deeply fulfilling. I mostly write with my feelings and experience, and not to fill the word limit, so have to include these lines in every poem as they are shorter than one one-fifty words to publish. Accept my gratitude (although I don’t have much).


Photo by Bob Clark from Pexels