Since time immemorial, human beings have been chasing “peace”.

Riverbanks, mountains, forests and other hideouts are being scouted around for placidity, but all in vain.

For most of the people, peace remains elusive. It is an enigma!

Although religious leaders and “babas” claim to own tranquility, I seriously doubt their declarations.

I believe that most of them are erroneous.
They are confusing “solitude” with “peace”.

Peace is not synonymous with “seclusion”.

Also it can’t be achieved by performing inconvenient acrobatics or “asanas”.

“How exactly can we realize serenity?”

I believe that serenity dawns only through “understanding”.

Through meditation and introspection, one can perceive the precise, intrinsic nature of material things, beings.

When one comprehends the true nature and ephemerality of mundane things, one develops an attitude of “let go” for these possessions.

Fulfillment finally happens.

For me, this “Fulfillment” is the metonym for “Peace”.

A poised being realises the futility and foolishness of pursuing “more than necessary” and takes only the “minimum” from this temporal, transient world.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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