My humble attempt🙏🏼. Please forgive me, all the mistakes are mine.

After all the doom and gloom, it is time to share some positive news and updates. This happened some 2 weeks back. My job confirmation had been pending for quite some time. I started to despair because it was way past the normal probationary period. It so happened that after a fruitful meditation session on Black Lotus, I felt a surge of powerful energy coursing through me. The Hari Aarti as composed by our beloved Swami Ji was stuck in my head. Walking, working, sleeping I was just humming “Jaya Jaya..” It reached a stage where I was singing the Aarti even while eating. I felt scared singing the divine hymn all the time, lest Sri Hari might take offence. I silently willed my mind to please stop. But it came with more intensity. I was talking to a colleague at work when I caught myself in time. I was humming and swaying to the Aarti tune. I only realized when I saw myself in the mirror. I knew that I was going to dance and let go. 

See I am a pathetic singer. My voice is hoarse and well, I can’t sing. When I couldn’t anymore, I looked for the notes and played it on the sitar. I was euphoric, singing and playing the tune that had overpowered me. In my heart and mind, I was requesting Swami Ji to, please listen to me. Then, it was Chantal Didi who made me discover the Aarti. I made a quick recording and sent it to her. I don’t know what came to my heart, I became so emotional and asked her to pray to Sri Hari and Swami Ji for me. The next day my job letter came by email. The coincidence was not lost on me. After offering a quick prayer, I called Chantal Didi. The plethora of positivity that radiated from her voice and the shower of blessings touched me immensely. The feeling of gratefulness became tenfold for me at that moment. I still haven’t shared this news with most of the colleagues. It is my privilege to share this with my OS family. The sheer amount of blessings all of you have showered on me cannot be expressed. I am feeling extremely emotional writing this post. Thank you so so much to all of you special people. I cannot take names, there are too many. You know yourselves because I love you all a lot. I fold my hands in reverence to Sri Hari, Swami Ji who is my Guru Ji and my awesome OS family. Lots and lots of love. Finally life is getting on track. 

❤️Hari Om❤️