It was about five to six years back I heard about the White brotherhood. This term was  coined by Leadbeater of the Theosophical society. Let me rewind back a little. So many years back because of my insatiable desire to read anything on spirituality I left no book unread. And it was almost like the books and the masters presented themselves to me in my life. It was like they heard. Anyway that’s when I heard about these ascended masters. They almost work like a secret society. 

These are masters who were once upon a time in a physical form like us.  These masters in their physical bodies may have been from India/Tibet region. But after they discarded their bodies they chose to take any form and materialize in a body as they chose. These ascended masters are constantly in touch with each other vibrationally and are present to help anyone who calls them.

It is said even Mahaavatar Babaji who was first mentioned in the book an Autobiography of a Yogi is one of them. There isn’t much written about these masters the major accounts are by the members of the Theosophical society to whom some of these masters would materialize and show their forms. In fact there is a famous picture of two of these masters one of them being St.Germain who was physically born around the 1700’s but the below picture of him is at the Theosophical society in Madras later in the 1900’s.  This particular master has been recorded in several periods in history appearing in courts of kings or in decision making. And most times he appears and just disappears.


Anyway I came across these different masters who are considered to still be working materially, in  a few texts, some of the other names are Master Kuthumani, Master Morya, and even Mother Mary. They seem to appear to people whom they feel are ready to help the world spiritually or maybe even for their own personal spiritual journey. But like I said very little literature on them is present, in fact I have never come across their physical origins when they were in the human form. They are mentioned in some texts by people who have seen them or received instructions from them. Even their teachings don’t seem to be recorded that well.

The first proper book on a discourse of these masters, I came across ,was by the author Peter Mt. Shashta who I happened to get an opportunity to speak  to for my podcast last week.  He was given the name Peter Mt.Shashta, by the Master St. Germain who had materialized in front of him when he was a young man. It is quite a fascinating story and you can hear it on the podcast. It was fascinating to sit with someone who has actually witnessed something like this.

Peter among the many other things he told me  was, these masters are constantly present and anyone can hear them  if you train yourself. They too are also constantly in tune with people.

In fact there is a quote in one of the books where St Germain says “I have better hearing than you can imagine …. 

Apparently these discourses where given to Peter by the masters when they appeared to him. I asked Peter if this was possible, do the masters hear us. He smiled. A beautiful smile.

The only problem is we tune them out or rather we are not aware help is close and available to us. I thought I would share that little story with all of you. I mean it’s not everyday you meet someone who has meet a character literally from the pages of history. The podcast is not yet out but you should be able to hear it in a another week.