You know-
Life drains you;
And if I knew how to drain life away from me,
I would have certainly done it;
My better sense always keeps me from doing the
Otherwise who could have stopped me?

To Brush shoe polish to its face
Would have been my revenge.
Like how you spoil your white pt. shoes after applying
Black shoe polish to it,
And then you smile and giggle and laugh
Because you finally took your revenge from those pt. shoes-
For making you run each morning at your school compounds …

Were not they the one?
Was it not the fault of the pt. shoes who made you suffer each day?
If you wore them to school, you had to exercise and the lazy soul inside you
Always loathed it;
And If you intentionally didn’t wear them, and wore your black shoes to school instead-
You got caned.

It was always the shoes
Who made you suffer;
But now it is all over.
The white pt. shoes are black too!
You took your revenge …
But wait …
You don’t have white shoes to wear to school tomorrow!
Do you?

To Brush the shoe polish to life’s face
Would have been my revenge…
But I know what it did to my white Pt. shoes;
And so,
My better sense always keeps me from doing the

The white pt. Shoes 2

Ps: This is just a free-verse I wrote way back. Nothing serious about it.

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