The world is happy. World is nature, It never makes others face unhappiness for no reason. If the world does anything it is only good even when you are bad towards it.

For example: Even when the ravan is bad but still his all the bad karma was cleaned by the Narayan himself. Even when you wished for something and did n’t get it you were angry on god but next day the thing which you wanted was found out to be fraud sold item, even if it does that happen like it means you are going to get something more big.

Here is a story :

Once their lived a smart and good King. He was a smart and wise minister. He had very much devotion towards god. One day in a fight his finger gets cut off. He in pain goes to his Vaidya (Doctor). 

His minister says that anything happens by God’s wish and it happens for good. The king gets angry and sends him to jail.

The days pass on, the king goes for hunt in forest. The tribal people of forest catch the king for sacrifice. One of them sees his hand and they leave him as they can’t sacrifice a handicap.

The releases the minister and rewards him with alot of Gold Coins.

This is God’s Wish for Goodness !



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