The day Medha Shree announced this writing challenge I had no intention to jump in. The reason, I do not consider myself a writer. There are many good writers on this platform who write extremely well and reading them is a treat. But I wanted to challenge myself because, since June  I have not posted anything. The version of this challenge I had interpreted in my mind was to challenge myself for 4 days of consistent writing and I think it helped.

So far I have written 14 posts and still, 3 incomplete drafts are lying in my account which I doubt, will see the light of the day.  I know this number is very less, as others have written almost double or more than that. But I write for my happiness, catharsis, and creative satisfaction.  If I come across any thought/ observation or piece of writing which creates ripples in my mind, I try to put that in my words. Good or bad I don’t know, but writing anything here is an honor for me because a reader gives his/her time in reading my post and time is a precious thing.

 It was a nice experience and I would like to express my gratitude to each and every member of family for their time, love, and encouragement.